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Gator Security

Looking for top-of-the-line security for your event? Well, look no further! Gator Security has you covered. Keep reading to discover how we keep you safe no matter the event.

Underage Drinking

At Gator Security, our team comprises highly skilled former Chicago police officers, each expertly trained in recognizing signs of intoxication. Thanks to their extensive law enforcement background, our guards are not only adept at identifying individuals who are under the influence of alcohol, but they also excel in verbal de-escalation techniques. This proficiency is crucial in managing potentially volatile situations calmly and effectively.

Illegal Substances

At Gator Security, our guards—all experienced former Chicago Police officers—are proficient in identifying and handling situations involving illegal substances.This strategy includes detailed instructions on how our guards will discreetly monitor for any signs of illegal substance use or distribution, ensuring interventions are handled smoothly and without disrupting the event's atmosphere. Our guards are trained to remove any identified substances from individuals non-forcefully and to secure them appropriately, adhering to legal and safety standards.

Looking for trouble

At Gator Security, our guards—who are all former Chicago Police—are expertly trained in detecting suspicious activity. Depending on the type of event, our Director of Security will personally survey your venue to develop a comprehensive security plan. This plan will detail the strategic positioning of our guards and outline potential security challenges you might face during the event.

First Aid and Special Needs Adult and Adolescents Trained

At Gator Security, our guards—experienced former Chicago Police officers—are extensively trained in first aid to provide immediate care in case of medical emergencies, acting as a crucial bridge until first responders arrive. They are also skilled in accommodating the special needs of adults and adolescents, ensuring that everyone at the event receives the necessary support. Our team's prompt and effective medical intervention capabilities ensure that all attendees are safe and cared for, without implicating any liability for our clients. This readiness and compassionate approach are central to our commitment to maintaining a secure and inclusive environment at all events.

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