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About Noah Berg


Noah Berg is the founder and president of Gator Entertainment Corp. Balancing the responsibilities of high school and running a successful entertainment business, Noah has established himself as a driven entrepreneur in the event industry.







Early Passion for Music


Noah’s interest in music started early. He began DJing at local parties and school events, where he discovered his talent for creating engaging and memorable experiences. This early exposure to the world of entertainment sparked the idea for something bigger.


The Birth of Gator Entertainment Corp


In 2015, Noah decided to turn his passion into a business and founded Gator Entertainment Corp. Despite being a young entrepreneur, he quickly gained a reputation for his professionalism and ability to deliver high-quality entertainment services. Gator Entertainment has since grown, offering a range of services including DJs, Dancers, Emcees, Event Security, Lighting, Entertainment Management, Bands and Singers, and more


Balancing School and Business


Running a company while attending school full-time is challenging. Noah manages his demanding schedule with the help of Assistant. She assists with various tasks, making Noah’s busy days more manageable and ensuring the smooth operation of Gator Entertainment Corp.


Day-to-Day Operations


Noah’s typical day involves coordinating with clients, planning events, and managing a team of DJs, emcees, and dancers. He is hands-on in every aspect of the business, from marketing and customer service to logistics and performance quality. His dedication ensures that each event meets the high standards of Gator Entertainment Corp.


Looking Ahead


Noah continues to seek new opportunities to expand and improve his business. His future plans include enhancing the training program for new hires, expanding the company’s reach within the Midwest, and continually updating the technology and equipment used to deliver top-notch entertainment services.


Connect with Noah

For more information about Noah Berg and Gator Entertainment Corp, feel free to reach out or schedule a meeting through his Calendly page:

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